How to assign shipping rate per variant

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Joana Morais
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This article describes how to assign a shipping rate at a variant level. This may be useful if you or your vendors have a particular product that needs a specific shipping rate.

Getting started

To assign a shipping rate at a variant level you must take the following steps: 

1 - Create a separate (additional) Shipping Address* for the vendor:

          - go to Contacts > select Vendor > Contact tab > additional address > fill in details;

          - at the bottom of the pop-up window select Shipping Rate > select the specific shipping rate for this vendor. 

*This new address can be the same as your vendor's actual address.

2 - Manually assign this separate address + rate at a variant level:

          - go to Inventory > search SKU and select it;

          - go to its Shipping tab > under Fulfillment policy select Dropship > scroll down to Dropship provider > select the provider;

          - under Which address should items be shipped from > select Manual;

          - under Dropship provider address > select the second address you've created according to the instructions above > click Save

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