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In this article, we describe how you can integrate with your Easypost account so you can print labels or provide them to your vendors from within Onport.

Getting started

With Easypost you will be able to print labels for both in-house and dropship orders within Onport and the dropship portal. The connection is fairly easy to establish, leaving you only to set up your own carriers' shipper accounts.

Connecting your Easypost account

  1. Sign in to your Easypost account, and heat to your Account Settings
  2. Under your Account Settings, you will find a tab called "API Keys" where you will be given two tokens. A production API token and a test API token. You'll need these tokens to create the integration.

    ❗️Any of the production keys can be used to connect to Onport.

  3. Now go to your Onport account, and navigate to Integrations > Easypost. Turn on Use Easypost token, paste the API key and click Save:

You'll now be able to generate labels through your Easypost account. We recommend checking out the Easypost documentation for details on the label type, carrier manages, insurance, pricing, etc.

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